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Téchne is an Italian Private Company operating for many years with success in several fields. Currently we are specialized in designing and manufacturing many products, especially for Oil & Gas applications. We started our experience more than 20 years ago machining components for valves and wellheads in standard and/or exotic alloys.

The modern concept of Art, Technique and Skill, to do something in accordance with a rule

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Art, technique and skill

The meaning of Téchne descends from the ancient Greek philosopher Platone and means the capability to combine theoretical and practical knowledge requiring an active participation to what someone is doing.

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Our production department is characterized by innovative and high-tech machineries thanks to the OT (Operational Technology) in particolar the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) we can monitor and control physical devices, assets, processes and events integrating our factory production with the company ERP.

Do you

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

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We really practice the philosophy of Continuous Improvement, getting a little bit better day by day. We are constantly turned to the environmental sustainability to limit the impact of CO2 emissions during all phases of manufacturing. Everything is designed to be safe for users and environment; our focus is to achieve zero leakage and long life of our products. Our R&D Department is constantly involved in finding new technical solutions.

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